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Moments To Memories

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About Me & My Life


This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.
I was born on August 12th, 1991. I was on time but my delivery into this world was a rapid one. I weighed 7lb.11oz. and I was 20" long. I had lots of dark hair...which turned blonde a short while later. I guess you could say I had a shaky start into this world, and by 2 1/2 months old they found out just how shaky it was. I had seizures....complex partial, infantile spasms and tonic/clonic. I also had focal seizures as well. My brain was not 100% developed and they never knew why. My mom took excellent care of herself during this special pregnancy. She and my daddy really wanted a boy and God answered their prayers. I was just meant to be different....special. They took great care of me and loved me so much, as I did them. I could say MAMA, and I even called my Daddy that too. I was closest with my mother and she always took excellent care of me. She was in charge and determined to help me. After many years of illnesses and surgeries and multiple disorders....I finally got too tired and wanted to go home to Heaven.  I was 14 1/2 years old, 5'5" tall and weighed 120 lbs. when I died. It happened over a 7 day time period and I am happy here in Heaven. It was very hard on my parents, especially my mama who stayed up for the full 7 days and did not even eat. She wanted me to live but I was just too sick. She never left my side except for one time when she was so upset, and her good friend Melinda called, my Mama got out of my bed and kissed me and told me to remember that when I leave I am taking her heart with me....but she didn't know what was about to happen....God planned it so she got up and called Melinda back and she said the most beautiful prayer my Mama had ever heard...she wished she could have tape recorded it....and in this prayer they reminded God of his promise not to put more on us than we can bear to handle and my Mama was at her breaking point! She couldn't bear to watch me leave anymore and together they agreed that God would come and gently take me live for the first time ever. God knew my Mom's heart was breaking too much, and that she needed God as much as I did. And...He was there, she just couldn't see Him....but I could. My Mama will never forget Melinda or how God put her there to help my Mama release me back to God. Afterall...I was going to Heaven and Mama wouldn't have given me to anyone but the Lord. After the prayer, my sister Alisha wanted to see the scrapbook of all my happy pictures...I was always my Mom does, and thats when I left with Jesus to go home....while they were all reminising about my earthly life. What a great and beautiful thing to have happened to me....I was with Jesus and headed home for all eternity! My Mama ran in first when the nurse came to tell them that I had passed on....and they knew it was Mama kissed me and said she'd love me forever and then drew in my last breath that I never blew back out! She then  began crying and thanking God over and over was so wonderful. They all loved me as much as I loved them! I can't wait to see everyone  again! God knew He had to remove my Mama from the room and he created a divine appointment with her friend, who is a true Christian and a wonderful Mama is blessed with so many good friends, but this one is extra special to her. After that I watched from above as they took photographs of me with them....its okay that they did that because I looked so peaceful....and you can not just "see" but "feel" the love they have for me and each Mama and Daddy will miss me but I will secretly be with them always...until the end of time!

I will talk about what I looked like. I will share my happy times with you.
When I was born and until I was about age 6, I had blonde hair. I had dark brown hair when I died. Everyone loved my thick wavy hair and would run thier fingers through it. Over the years it darkened, and I had very blue eyes with VERY long eyelashes. I had clear olive colored skin and I was told that I had the softest touch. Especially my hands.
I could not walk, sit, crawl or talk...except for MAMA. I was 100% dependent for care and I was considered profoundly disabled. But... I got the best care...always.
My mama always was silly with me....she would make this quacky when you use one of those big tape dispensers like Wal-mart uses to seal a layaway box! She sang to me and I loved music and cartoons. Before I developed cortical blindness I loved to watch her do her silly faces and I would reach up shakily to touch her face. But then I got sicker and could not even do that anymore. I loved my nurses and they took great care of me. My mom picked these special women personally. What made me happiest was how much my family included me in everything and how much they loved me!

My mom wants you to see why she always called me "her special angel"....this picture says it all.....


One of God's Many Miracles

What a life!

I will describe to you a life like no other. There were many lives touched because of my limitations....but you will come to know a peace that will make you look forward to what lies ahead....a blessed life with Jesus Christ.

Below you will see my headstone and resting E. Greenwood Cemetery, Weatherford, TX.

My Headstone says: Robert Scott Ater, August 12,1991 to April 22,2006.
Then it reads the scripture: "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Matt: 5:8


Favorites... Movies and Toys...I loved all kinds of cartoons and musicals. I loved to hear singing and liked to see the vivid colors...when my vision was better. I admit...I liked Barney, and my mama made up this song to the "I Love You" goes.."I love you, you love me...we're the best mommy and boo-boo-boo-boo beary!!!" She was so silly....but I loved it and always smiled so big! Now..I loved my puppy rattle....I even died with it in my hand...I'd shake it and play the "air guitar" holding him. My monkey was my other favorite...I loved to look at that silly critter!

Here's a list of some of my favorite silly songs:
I love Mommy. He's a boo-boo beary-beary boo-boo bear. Hey booey-booey...mommy loves youey! Told ya they were silly!

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

All childrens songs....Christian music, my mama singing anything....I was very relaxed by lullabies, classical music, and the CD my Mama made for me.

In memory of our Little Robert